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At Third Coast we highly value quality of service, and work very hard to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible.  To us, it makes no difference what you are moving or where you are moving – we are always happy to help.

We believe in simplicity, and that is why we charge the same hourly rate regardless of the details of your needs.  Whether you are moving a 5 bedroom house from one end of the state to the other, or you need help packing a PODS storage unit in your front yard, we are here for you.

​ With every move, we provide three exceptionally trained men who are fully prepared and eager to assist you in any way you need.  We bring with us our 26 foot box truck (we’ll let you drive her if you’re lucky), with all of the moving equipment you could possibly need.  We move you as carefully as possible, as quickly as possible, ensuring that all of your belongings – from your great grandfather’s baseball glove to your dog’s biscuit jar – are properly packed and safely transported.

2 hour minimum.
​No trip charge, ever.
​Zero hidden fees.
​No questions. No exceptions.

Fully insured.

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corporate move is our business also


The Third Coast Family is more than happy to help you with the packing process. While we cannot at this point sell you the supplies for packing, we have an exceptional team of packers ready to help fill boxes you already have! Not packed? Awesome! We’re really good at helping you pack. Half packed? Awesome! We’re really good at moving loose items. Fully packed? Awesome! We’re really good at moving boxes.


Customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance to the Third Coast family. If you aren’t happy about the way something is being done, talk to us. We want you happy, so communication is key.

We’re pretty darn good at asking along the way how you’re doing and how you think we’re doing,
and if at any point you need more support, just reach out.

Any of our team members are happy to assist you, and the phone lines are (almost) always open.

If you need it done, we want to do it for you.

At Third Coast Moving Services, LLC, we provide Top Quality Moving Services all throughout Texas.

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